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Customer Reviews

“My now husband came here to buy my engagement ring. He still talks about the amazing service he got here. He felt like he was listened to and respected and as a result had an amazing shopping experience. We ran into some problems with a small detail on my ring and the staff were quick and worked hard to resolve the problem.”

- Katie, as posted on Google Reviews -

“100% Pleased with my purchase here. I love that there was no pressure while browsing the 1000’s of rings and that once we had picked something, the service we received was outstanding. Great shopping experience. Would recommend to anyone looking to make a significant purchase!”

- A Google User -

“Spence Diamonds… I purchased a high quality diamond and ring from Hedieh. I was able to select ring, crown, and diamond to my exact specification, apart from other diamond retailers that have a preset diamond in a preset crown/ring. I received an education in diamonds and what I believe to be a fair quote on on the perfect diamond ring for my now fianc√©e. Their process takes approx 1 hour from start to finish but is worth it. I do truly believe their diamonds are the highest of quality and recommend it to all my potentially engaged friends ;)… It has been a full year since my purchase and I feel no regret towards my purchase only pride. I slept on my purchase and made the right call. Thank you Hedieh for all your help you have made my wife to be a happy woman ūüėÄ Happy wife, happy Life – Smart man… Thank you 10/10”

- Perry, as posted on Google Reviews -

‚ÄúI bought my wife an eternity ring from Spence diamonds for Christmas, the staff were amazingly helpful, very knowledgeable about the product and took me through the entire experience with a smile. The ring was beautifully made and very reasonably priced, as I had visited several diamond stores and done my homework. I would not hesitate to recommend Spence Diamonds to anyone in the market for a high quality diamond product.‚ÄĚ

- Phillip, as posted on Google Reviews -

‚ÄúWater was good while we¬†browsed the showcases… everything was at our¬†fingertips. The background¬†education for the ‚Äú4 C‚Äôs‚ÄĚ was¬†especially valuable as it has¬†been many years since we¬†purchased our last diamond.¬†Hopefully it won‚Äôt be that¬†long to our next purchase¬†as you made the whole¬†experience memorable.‚ÄĚ

- Steve -

‚ÄúI was very pleased with¬†the way that I was able to¬†make my decision and the¬†service that was provided¬†both before and after I¬†bought my ring for my¬†fianc√©e. From beginning¬†to end, I was happy with¬†the care I received. The¬†service, selection and¬†Spence guarantee are¬†second to none.‚ÄĚ

- Annie & Kevin -

‚ÄúThank you very much¬†for showing us the details¬†of diamond cutting and¬†grading, and for taking the¬†time with us. The service¬†was amazing! Often in¬†other jewellery stores we felt¬†intimidated and slightly¬†rushed. We really enjoyed¬†trying on the rings in the¬†open showcases. Thanks¬†again!‚ÄĚ

- Kara -

‚ÄúWhere to begin… I was assisted by Johanna ¬†and I must say with no exaggeration that the entire experience was a sheer pleasure. It was my first time shopping for an engagement ring…Johanna made me feel as special as my now fianc√©e is to me. I was able to propose on Christmas morning, and Cassie saying “Yes” was the best gift I could ever have received. Thank you Johanna and Spence as a whole!‚ÄĚ

- Trevor, as posted on Google Reviews -

“I purchased an engagement ring from Spence Diamonds. I will say it was the most pleasant and comfortable transaction I have ever been through. Aman, our consultant, was above and beyond helpful. The staff and store was clean, organized and tidy. Being in the service industry myself, it is refreshing to see such professionalism.”

- Travis, as posted on Google Reviews -

“We feel confident that the selection of our diamond was based on expert advice and
in-depth knowledge. Your professionalism and genuine interest in our happiness
enabled us to select the¬†perfect ring, without feeling¬†the need to shop anywhere¬†else. It is this impressive level¬†of expertise and commitment¬†to client satisfaction that¬†guarantees our loyalty to¬†Spence Diamonds now and¬†in the future.‚ÄĚ

- Sam -