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Making a Better World

giving back

Never forgetting our humble beginnings, we are very appreciative of the customers whom honor our company with their business. Our core belief is that we owe every ounce of success to the communities in which we live and work. By building a successful business, we fuel our ability to have an even greater impact in the communities in which we live and work. Spence is proud to have donated $1,519,995 in cash and diamond jewelry to various charities around the world since 2007 to present day.

Imagine1Day, Ethiopia ($246,289)
Habitat for Humanity, Canada ($217,436)
The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, Canada ($150,000)
Free the Children, Ontario ($180,585)
Local Youth Education, BC ($52,000)
Darling Home for Children, Toronto ($4,840)
Canucks Place, Vancouver ($54,900)
Prem Sewa School, India ($15,000)
The Timothy Center Girls’ School, Uganda ($25,000)
BC Cancer Foundation's Inspiration Gala ($7000)
The Salvation Army, Haiti Relief ($5000)
Wizard Academy, Austin ($145,000)
Vancouver Symphony ($60,920)
Sarah McLachlan School of Music, Vancouver ($10,000)
Alberta Children's Hospital, Calgary ($26,410)
Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation, Edmonton ($32,540)
Vancouver College ($3310)
Vancouver Aquarium ($41,780)
Texas Children's Hospital ($6400)
Family Services Of North Shore in Vancouver ($25,000)
United Way of Vancouver ($78,000)
Children's Wish Foundation, Ontario ($92,500)
BC Cancer Foundation's Westside Cycling Classic ($10,000)
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation ($4500)
Street Angels ($3000)
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Alzheimer's Society of Canada
BC Guide Dog Services

Our dedication to helping others is genuine. Diamonds are precious, indeed. But it is people who make our lives worth living.

Global Conscious

Spence diamonds are not conflict diamonds. That’s the personal guarantee of our owner, Sean Jones. We purchase only from legitimate sources that comply with the United Nations’ resolutions created to address this problem.

But that doesn’t change the fact that countless families in diamond-producing countries are in dire need of help.

Spence is honored to have the opportunity to support an organization called imagine1day, with a donation to date of over $200,000. imagine1day is a cause committed to the next generation of leaders who will carry Africa into a new era of prosperity. This will be accomplished via providing quality education for all Ethiopians funded free of foreign aid by 2030. Spence will support 105 of Ethiopia's brightest leaders in starting their high school journey (35 students per year for the next 3 years). By choosing to invest in The Graduate Fund, imagine1day's innovative high school scholarship program, Spence will make progressing to high school possible for students whose families wouldn't otherwise have the financial capacity to keep their children in school. In addition to the costs of Grade 9 being covered, the students' families will be receiving a seed loan and business skill training. These families will generate the necessary profit to fund the costs associated with Grades 10 through 12, with the tangible incentive to keep their child in school being a forgiven loan and newfound financial opportunity. Over 3 years, imagine1day will also invest our contribution in three holistic primary school projects.

In efforts to continually support the communities in diamond producing countries, Spence donated over $66,000 to the reconstruction of Bumpe High School in Sierre Leone, West Africa. Spence was able to accomplish this through partnering with the Kposowa Foundation, an organization dedicated to the rebuilding the infrastructure and buildings of the school, along with the creation of hundreds of jobs in the process. We take great pride in our commitment to uplift people to be more successful than ever before in all the communities the company connects with – inclusive of the vital people behind the diamonds in Africa. 

Which means when you buy a Spence diamond, you are contributing to the livelihood of the people who need it most. But there are some other reasons to buy your diamond from us? Diamonds are intended to represent love, not war. But it’s not about diamonds. It’s about the people behind the diamonds. Did you know…
  • Five million people have access to healthcare thanks to diamond revenues.
  • Ten million people are directly or indirectly supported by the diamond industry.
  • Diamond revenues enable every child in Botswana to receive free education up to age 13.
  • Diamond revenues are instrumental in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
  • World leaders like Nelson Mandela have publicly cited the importance of diamonds to the lives of African people.