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Always Do This, Never Do This


  • "Last on in the morning, first off at night."
    Do this and you're less likely to lose your jewelry.
  • Give your diamonds a softly lined box or pouch to sleep in at night.
  • Clean your diamonds at least twice a year to keep them looking brilliant.
    We'll do this for you free, forever. Please let us. Allow a Spence technician to examine your jewelry during each cleaning to make sure that your diamond settings remain snug and tight. We don't want you to lose your diamond!


  • Wear your jewelry 24/7.
  • Expose gold jewelry to cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, or household bleach.
  • Wear your diamonds in the pool!
    Chlorinated water can cause precious metals to change color and jewelry can easily slip off underwater.
  • Allow your diamonds to make contact with flame. Diamonds will burn.
  • Wear your jewelry during high impact activities. Diamonds can chip if struck with enough force at the right angle.
  • Stack your jewelry.
    Precious metals are easily scratched, especially by diamonds, the hardest substance on earth.